Corporate Overview

Greeting from the CEO

Tofuji E.M.I. Co., Ltd. has experience during our long history with making the key mechanical parts for automobile engines, high level medical devices, OA and PC devices, and pet robots. Our technology and products are used in many familiar and popular products, and provide us with a stable management foundation.

Since our founding we have proactively moved into new and advanced fields, and as a result we receive inquires from our clients concerning our technologies, creating an environment in which our employees can challenge those fields in which they find a personal interest from among a vast variety of business areas.
One of the greatest things about our company is the opportunity it provides to work on the global stage with people with plenty and varied careers, capable of enthusiastically taking on problems that other companies have deemed to be too difficult and successfully realizing them as products after overcoming a whole host of issues.

In the future, as we expand our business in accordance with the needs of the times and develop it with a perspective that includes more than just Japan, the challenge of creating the next age lies before us.
Alongside this proactive business development, we will also seek to enhance our management base – beginning with further financial security – in order to provide our company with perpetual sustainability and development, while at the same time always paying attention to further improvements in the treatment of our employees and the provision of a stable lifestyle base.

Tofuji E.M.I. Co., Ltd.
CEO  Shigeo Hashimoto

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