Tofuji E.M.I.

We are a fabless manufacturing company working in development proposals.

We collaborate with around 30 manufacturing plants and can cover a wide range of customer needs, irrespective of materials or manufacturing and processing methods.
This provides a whole range of benefits, including a reduction in total cost, reduction in number of parts, reduction in number of times machine processing is required, proposal of materials at the prototype stage, reduction in L/T up to mass production, an increase in reliability, and the ability to overcome problems faced during processing.

fabless manufacturing company

Principle Production & Processing Fields

  • Casting (Super heat resistant steel 1050°C Mg diecast)
  • Lost-wax (Ni based alloy)
  • Rapid prototyping (No cast required, super short delivery)
  • Powder metallurgy (Liquid phase sintering: densification)
  • MIM (Near net shape)
  • Forging (Hot, cold, free forging)
  • Press Forming (Magnesium-lithium alloy)
  • Surface processing (PVD coating & Isonite processing)
  • Polishing (Precision: submicron)
  • Materials (Development of special materials)
  • Precision sheet metal processing, Machine processing
  • Resin molding, All forms of assembly
  • Slip rings & brushes

and more

Our three “strengths” used to realize revolutionary solutions



The strength to create is one of our most prized values. Using free thinking unhindered by accepted norms and knowledge from a wide range of specialist fields, we produce ideas daily that completely overturn everything currently taken for granted.

The key point here is a “playful heart.” The pure curiosity of a young child and a desire to uncover the unknown have become the driving force behind our creation of many world’s first.


To our customers we are a strategic partner, meaning we proactively make proposals.
Repeating the cycle of requests from customers and proposals from us will further brush up every idea, leading to the development of even better technology.

You can expect the great things from flexible and challenging proposition from Tofuji, which independent from concerns and normal restriction by working with production plants.


We provide more than just data on paper. No matter how good an idea may be, if concrete ideas concerning materials and production methods are not established then it will never be born into the world as a completed product.

We believe that true development strength base on the use of a large and well established network to combine the optimal materials and manufacturing methods, and then overseeing their total management.

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